Hi! I'm Jonathan, I’m a writer, artist, poet and new-age tech enthusiast. I have travelled much of the world and visited places that have given me a unique perspective. I've met people who have expanded and inspired the boundaries of my horizons. I have always looked to the future having been inspired by the history of the past - the further back I cast my mind the more I find my self lost in awe. Having a history degree and a post graduate law degree I'm no stranger to further education, however I'm a devout believer in that knowledge and wisdom come from individual experience, personal character and raw endeavour. I've always had a passion for writing, expressing myself through lexis will always be cathartic for me. Web3 is a frontier that is unavoidable and cannot be ignored. Digital currency, blockchain technology and digital collectables are but a few areas within web3 that will change the state of our reality. However, whilst this space is boiling with possibilities bad actors and scams have seriously slowed the tsunami of wider adoption. This site therefore, is my attempt to change the narrative surrounding Web3 and to back this up with more accountability, regulation and responsibility so that those of us who have been in this space for years, or who are completely new, can build and develop free from malicious distractions. The disruptiveness of Web3 and AI to our global community is undeniable. As communities on the front lines of change have done in the past so we should do now by acting. My mind is clustered with ideas on how to act and I will explore these in articles, personal projects, art and discourse starting now.

Literature, art and artists will also be a large focus of my time. I will be posting my own work to create a portfolio of sorts whilst outlining some projects I am actively working on in the realm of digital collectables. Armed with a camera and my face, I will vlog news and developments of this space and in doing so imbue my own ideas of how we can spearhead this digital renaissance; namely transparency, responsibility and quality. Web3 and digital collectables are symbiotic and intertwined with many nuances which I aim to dissect and explore with the help of guests and friends.

While my main focus will be the above mentioned, my interests can be very random and often infinite. Therefore I won’t be restricted by rigid boundaries as I am always eager to learn and grow as an individual. People fascinate me and I am open minded enough to see value in everyone I meet and interact with - be that for good or bad there is always something to learn. This brings me to another vital purpose for my dedication of time and effort to this website, to connect, network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs, artists, builders, writers and visionaries in similar positions to myself to build a community of like mindedness.

If anything I have touched on resonates with you, stick around and let’s ride this endeavour together, thanks for reading.


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